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$350 – Farm Supplies

$350 – Farm Supplies This gift will provide supply seed, fertilizer and a treadle pump. Together, 20 farmers work to grow and harvest an extra crop of maize during the dry season. The peddle pump will allow them to pump water from the stream into the fields during the dry season. The improved seed and […]

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$3,000 – Excavating Shallow Wells

Excavating Shallow Wells – $3,000 Excavating Shallow Wells – Over 80% of childhood illness is caused by unsafe water. Clean accessible water is the number one request from villagers. Help a village to excavate a well. When a village is selected to receive a well, the village provides the land, bricks, sand, quarry stone and […]

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$100 – Classroom Desk

Classroom Desk – $100 VIP is building a new school in the village of Nambabada, the first primary school ever in the area! This gift helps to furnish a classroom with blackboards, books, teaching materials and a wooden desk made from the local village carpenter. This gift will offer the school children a place to […]

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$50 – Goat

$50 – Goat This Christmas, give the gift that keeps on giving. Purchase a goat for a child in Malawi. This goat provides protein for growing children. This goat provides fertilizer for crops. But most importantly, this goat provides hope, because it tells the recipient that there are others in this world who care about […]

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$40 – Kondi’s Hunger Relief

Kondi’s Hunger Relief – $40 Hunger Relief – This little girl’s name is Kondi. She looks happy, yet the tinge of red in her hair reveals something else. Red hair is a sign of malnutrition. Kondi is not getting enough to eat. Some families did not harvest enough food during the growing season. This year […]

$4197 Donated

$25 – Give the gift of 2 chickens to a family

$25 – Give the gift of 2 chickens to a family In Malawi, Africa, where diet is limited and hunger is rampant, protein is critical! Chickens provide protein and other nutrients. One chicken has a significant impact on the life of a family! Eggs add valuable protein to a family’s diet. Chickens require little space, […]

$4197 Donated
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