Our Mission

We chose our name, Villages in Partnership, because we think it embodies the core of who we are and what we are about, as summarized in our Mission Statement. We don’t view the work we do as “charity” or a hand-out, nor do we see it as a one-way street. Rather, it’s about building an enduring partnership. As with any truly worthwhile partnership, it is mutually beneficial, with shared burdens and a unified vision. It’s also not about any one individual or any single church or group; it’s about villages—i.e., communities, both here and in Malawi, who are working together for a common purpose.

Although envisaged by the Heinzel-Nelsons and begun by the Allentown Presbyterian Church, Villages in Partnership is made up of many varied people and groups who recognize that when Christ taught us that one of the greatest commandments is to love our neighbors as ourselves (e.g., Matthew 25:34 – 40), he didn’t mean just those who live down the street or around the corner.

Our friends in Malawi are our neighbors, and because we love them, we cannot sit idly by as they suffer the effects of extreme poverty when we know that there are things we can do to help. As we seek to come along side of them, and work together to help empower them to lift themselves out of poverty, we know that our lives will be changed as well. That is the essence of a partnership, and that is what we’re about.

OUR VISION is a world in which communities from across the globe work together in partnership to transform each other’s lives, so that people are relieved from suffering and can begin to achieve their full potential.

OUR BELIEF is that we can empower people to raise themselves from extreme poverty by coming alongside them as partners to share each other’s burdens, resources and solutions.

OUR MISSION is to build partnerships between villages in the developed world and villages in Malawi to bring about life-changing development for all.

OUR METHOD is to work with local development experts in Malawi to implement programs designed to simultaneously address the inter-connected web of root causes of extreme poverty:  lack of access to clean water, food insecurity, poor health care, inadequate education, insufficient infrastructure, and lack of economic opportunities.

OUR MOTIVATION is to respond to the call of Jesus Christ to love and serve the poor, the hungry, the widowed and the orphaned.

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